This blog has been created to help B2B marketers with limited resources connect with new marketing ideas, concepts and trends.  

I am passionate about Inbound Marketing.  Though this is only one tool in my marketing tool-belt.  While I use SEO, SEM, and Social Media to identify and communicate with those prospects that will find the best use for the products I market, I find that this is only a part of marketing.  While this blog will focus on Inbound Marketing, it will go a step further and look at how to develop those prospects who are identified through these methods.  This includes marketing automation, CRM, up-selling, and more. 

Everything contained in this blog is strictly my opinion.  Please feel free to comment on posts or email me directly (info -at- inboundmarketer -dot- com) for more information.  Also, if this content is relevant to you, please follow me on Twitter @inboundmarketer.

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