TweetROI – ROI in 140 characters

by Maria Pergolino on April 1, 2009

TweetROI is a creative concept from search engine marketing know-it-all (okay, well most) @BrianCarter and friends. It is a site trying to provide ROI to both sides of the fence- those who tweet and those who are trying to promote on Twitter.

ROI for Tweeters:

The concept around TweetROI is to give people who are ambassadors of a brand some money for the tweets they are making about that brand. This is meant to be seen as a much better alternative to magpie because you remain in control of your Twitter account, you choose how and when you want to participate, and have the ability to only participate if you agree with the requested Tweet. If you do decide to Tweet for profit, you are only given a suggestion of the message. You have the ability to say what you actually feel. And, it is supposed to be self regulating, because if you constantly tweet out about brands in an unauthentic way, you will lose followers, which will make your TweetROI value go down.

ROI for your company or brand:

Simply put, it’s kind-of a pay-per-click campaign for tweets, but with more authenticity. First, you will choose what you want someone to write about. Are you looking for someone who has tried a new product to give a referral or maybe chat about an upcoming annual event they have attended in the past? Your suggestion is posted to tweeters who fit the profile of who you want to tweet about what your promotion. Similar to how you set parameters for pay-per-click, you can choose the amount you will pay per tweet, the length of the campaign, do bidding on campaigns, and set any schedule constraints (so the tweets aren’t done at midnight when all are sleeping). In addition, you choose who tweets about your product based on various criteria about the tweeter like their follower count or quality score.

The big difference from pay per click, is that you do not control the message, you just suggest it. In order to keep the authentic feel of the tweet and have people serve as true ambassadors for your product, your message is just a suggestion. It can be altered to show the real thoughts of the tweeter. This is good for you and the tweeter as it will allow for an authentic message, not just be magpie.

ROI for affiliates:

Since this project is a unique and new concept, TweetROI will need help spreading the word. Once truly in beta, an affiliate program will be launched to reward those that can match corporate prospects of the TweetROI project with TweetROI.

While I will comment more about the business model once the beta launches, I’d love it if the team of creators could put more about themselves up on the site. Also, don’t let the first paragraph confuse you, it isn’t a tool just for non-profits. It’s just that non-profits are provided this service at no charge. For profit companies can sign up for the beta too. And if you are a for profit, I recommend signing up, because it doesn’t obligate you to purchase this product, and it will keep you in the loop about what is coming next so you can choose whether this service is useful for your company.

I am not a creator or developer of TweetROI. I just thought I’d share information about it this new concept to get people talking about it. I’m curious to hear everyone’s thoughts and feelings.

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