Online Media Boot Camp Nomination Acceptance

by Maria Pergolino on March 17, 2009

I am making this post to accept my nomination for the Online Media Boot Camp.  I was kind enough to be nominated on Twitter by Brian Carter, someone who I am excited to learn from every day about social marketing.  I don’t take the nomination lightly and I hope that many of the followers he has on Twitter took the time to learn about the Online Media Boot Camp when he made the nomination. 


I hope they did this because I honestly feel this will be a great event.  I know that the speakers who are presenting care very much about the topic and will do their best to ensure everyone who attends learns something that they can apply to help their personal brand and company’s success. 


Because of this I have been very vocal to other marketers in the area about the event.  If I attend, I know one other marketer who will pay to attend the event as well.  She is a respected marketing communications expert who I am sure will be able to add to any conversations at the event.  In addition, I hope to see other familiar faces that I have encouraged to sign-up for this valuable day of marketing training.  This is because I don’t expect to just be given a free pass.  I believe that fundamentaly social media is about give and take, sharing and communication, and I want to demonstrate this as part of my nomination acceptance. 


To continue spreading the word I wanted to do more than just post my nomination acceptance or send out a tweet.  Instead, I put my sincere thoughts about the event into a quick video on why someone should attend.  I’m hoping that this will also encourage participation by some other fantastic local marketers who are excited to jump into social media or improve their current efforts.  The video can be found on my blog at or through Youtube.  The reasons I share in this video about why others should attend the event rings true to the reasons I wish to be provided a ticket the event.  (Note, this is the first time I’m using my webcam so while brief, this video took much effort and care.) 


I am happy to say that I will be able to cover the cost of travel to the event and that I will be able to attend the event on April 9th.  I hope to see you there!

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