Help a Marketer with Corporate Social Media Concerns

by Maria Pergolino on March 19, 2009

I received this email today from a marketer I know.  It is about making an argument for a social media presence, including Twitter, for her organization.  While her top two competitors in her industry are not using social media, other people in the vertical are.  She is seeing peers tweet at industry conferences and analysts in her space micro-blog through this technology.  This is her email…

To: Maria Pergolino
Subject: Corporate Twitter Account

I have to put together a business case for us to use Twitter before Friday. We have to get buy-in in our group, then go up to executive management, and then get final approval from our parent company. I need to make sure I squash as many objections as possible. My boss brought up security concerns…along with issues around competitive situations, negative feedback, etc.  Do you have any info on using Twitter for businesses or anything of the sort? Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks!

I quickly replied with the following:

From: Maria Pergolino
Subject: RE: Corporate Twitter Account

You should come to the upcoming Online Media Boot Camp, which is hosting a discussion about this specific topic.   

Essentially, marketing is changing.  People do not want to go to a website anymore, they want to learn about product updates, features, etc. where they already are- in their social networks.  Companies that make this move in the beginning will reap the most benefit as consumers continue to seek information this way.  Imagine if the tweets at your industry show discussed your products and not your competitors.  Companies that are late adopters or who do not adopt, even in industries like insurance or other regulated industries will not survive.   Some people in the industry will adopt and leave the ones that don’t behind.   

Also, people will be talking about you even if you aren’t involved in social media.  Just like people can post pictures of you on Facebook without you being a Facebook user, people can post thoughts, comments, complaints about your brand even if you are not involved.  By being involved you have the ability to answer questions so that people don’t make wrong assumptions, plus be responsive, and help guide the conversations that are being had. 

She is looking for more data though.  Can you please help this marketer out by sharing some of your thoughts and ideas on how to make this internal sell?  I know many of you have already done so and she would love your ideas. 

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