Heard on Twitter – Salesforce and CRM – March 20

by Maria Pergolino on March 20, 2009

Here is my weekly post on what happened in CRM, Salesforce (+ a little SaaS) for the week ending March 20th. Let me know in the comments if I missed anything or any ways this could be improved.

Also, come over and say hi if you are at Cloudforce in NYC on Monday.  I’ll be there and then will be stopping by the user group immediately following.

I will not be including the billion posts that @4CRM and @movamedia is doing on twitter about CRM and SaaS, unless it is retweeted or significant. I’m pretty sure no one has time to read everything they post; it is quite exhausting to even follow them. I think what they are posting is great, it’s just hard for me to follow. Check them out if interested.

From @successforce:

zdnett: SMBs to Salesforce: We want more SaaS http://tinyurl.com/czql7m

zdnett: Salesforce.com: Pondering the next 10 years zdnett: Salesforce.com: Pondering the next 10 years http://tinyurl.com/dcawkj

ReidCarlberg: BLOG 100% Native Force.com Salesforce to Salesforce Mashup. Query and update data in one org from another, dynamically. http://bit.ly/16eua

ModelMetricsInc: Salesforce-to-Salesforce Mashup: 100% Native Force.com Apex Solution: http://ow.ly/Z2h

LEADSExplorer: How much information can you retrieve from your CRM that you haven’t entered yourself? A some information or nothing? http://bit.ly/ZpwFq

4CRM: Four Cheap or Free CRM Tools for Marketers :: Xirincs Feeds Directory: More info about feeds.clickz.com/~r/Click.. http://tinyurl.com/clj55c

alexissmirnov: It is just me or billing for SaaS is too hard as it should be? Idea: A service for SaaS subscriptions. http://bit.ly/13Bj5o

Iconic88: New app deepens Salesforce-Facebook possibilities http://bit.ly/AakC2

WebBasedApps: Cloud Computing Is Becoming Mission-Critical | Search Journal: Examples of recent outages at Salesforce, Amazon .. http://twurl.nl/kr7g5u

CallEffect: Checking out the FREE 10th Anniversary gift from Salesforce: http://www.salesforce.com/10/

prnews: Salesforce.com to Host Financial Analyst Day in New York prnews: Salesforce.com to Host Financial Analyst Day in New York http://tinyurl.com/de9xhl

@salesforcewatch: Salesforce launches Mobile Lite: http://www.salesforce.com/mobile/lite/ <<FREE cut down version of sfdc mobile

tmcnet: Salesforce.com Introduces New Subscription-Based Training Model http://tmcnet.com/4070359.1

rssbus: SalesForce to SharePoint in 2 minutes: http://snurl.com/e0k7r

neil_s: new: Solutions & Applications For Salesforce CRM Data Cleansing http://bit.ly/19GE0v

techupdates: [News] Q&A: Ten questions with Salesforce.com’s Marc Benioff http://tinyurl.com/c9pjre

richardknudson: The Truth is Out There, and it’s in 140 characters or less. CRM/Twitter mashup, part 2: http://tinyurl.com/ceyzk9

guidooswald: [#CRM 2.0] What is a “Conversation” ?: When it comes to Social CRM or CRM 2.0, we often talk about est.. http://tinyurl.com/d5al8h

kitson: Appirio has a killer cloud-comparison chart. RT @forcedotcom Cloud Computing: Evolution or the next dot-com? #sfdc http://sn.im/cloud0317

debdonston: Another slideshow built from eWEEK’s 25 years of covers–this one to mark Salesforce.com’s 10th anniversary: http://tinyurl.com/c7kjyv

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