Heard on Twitter – Salesforce and CRM – March 13

by Maria Pergolino on March 11, 2009

This week on twitter we had a bunch of great topics and posts. First, Successforce had some really great stuff, promoting new blog articles and apps by Salesforce Labs. In case you dind’5 know, this account is Managed by @kingsley2 & @erica_kuhl. We had some great info and tips from users of Salesforce and Developers. Some are just reminders and some include new content that should be reviewed by all Salesforce admins. Oh, and the most fun topic- selecting the Spring 09 logo for Salesforce. I like the coconut.

First, there was talk about the SaaS summit and still some buzz about the Salesforce Cloud computing video and the Salesforce Success Tour. A number of Tweeters including myself (@inboundmarketer) tweeted about the Spring 09 release certification exam to keep admin credentials up-to-date. I’m excited to announce I passed the update exam, and wish those who haven’t taken it yet lots of luck.

@Successforce posted the following:

Blog post “A Geeky Field Trip Into The Guts of Multitenancy” http://tinyurl.com/c4529z

Blog post “Cloud computing in Pi minutes” http://tinyurl.com/cl6m6f

Blog post “Lead Scoring & Design Patterns” http://tinyurl.com/dk5gq2

Blog post “Your Keen Aesthetic Judgement, In Demand” http://tinyurl.com/be5xaa

New App “Data Manipulation Tool” http://tinyurl.com/bzrv5m

New App “Duplicate Contact Blocker” http://tinyurl.com/bcqw4t

Blog post “Cloudforce2009 events coming to a town near you!” http://tinyurl.com/bszpbl

Blog post “Video FAQs on SaaS and PaaS” http://tinyurl.com/ace7ng

4CRM Salesforce.com Smells Blood, Hunts Bigger CRM Prey: Enterprise …: Salesforce.com Smells Blood, Hunts Bigger CR.. http://tinyurl.com/dec4zl

a_sinclair something SFDC administrators should keep in mind with Salesforce – the system is only as smart as the people using it http://bit.ly/BpdGK

abenamer Check out these Salesforce.com vs. CiviCRM comparisons at http://bit.ly/3A3nJ7 and @pearlbear‘s blog at http://bit.ly/JsoDh

alightheart #idc #cloudcomputing Peter Coffee: Cloud computing is not bleeding edge – Salesforce.com is the same age as Google (10 years) (Clever)

appirio Pondering cloud computing at the SaaS Summit | Between the Lines | ZDNet.com http://tinyurl.com/afk3bn

arrowpointe TIP: if you are migrating a new record type for an object using Eclipse, create it first in the destination and UPDATE it with Eclipse. TIP CONT’D: Otherwise, you need to go through every profile and apply it manually to them.

dschach Twitter preview: X-Squared #salesforce AppEx product Mass Update Contact Addresses to be released tomorrow. Get It Now! http://bit.ly/eKgKo (and) Tonight I wrote the first part of #Salesforce integration with @dropio. Very cool stuff! (Really should pack for DC trip now.) (and) Awesome feature: @dropio puts GoogleAnalytics code on premium drops – I can see which drops are accessed, just like a website!

forcedotcom cloud computing – what’s different for developers: http://tinyurl.com/cl2usl (props to @johnbarnes from Model Metrics for being mentioned)

galvingp If you using #SalesForce and you come across whitepapers or URLs for future need store it in the documents section and add tags.

IdaApps http://twitpic.com/1yj5k – #Salesforce, AppExchange, Marc Benioff – News & blogs Alert comparison

InitialCall Celebrating whitepaper is finally finished! 7 Reasons Not to Manage Complex Sale in Salesforce.com Leads http://tinyurl.com/cuqcx2

john_t_doyle Article from CIO on Salesforce.com going after enterprise. More on Saas from CIO but they still seem conservative http://tinyurl.com/d74d58

klrichardson Launched internal Salesforce.com Ideas site for cost savings ideas. 4 hrs live and 16 ideas between 40 users

lucidera How Social Media is Changing CRM: http://bit.ly/Hrawv Do people really now have “Twitter listening” in their job description?

mikegerholdt Just installed Duplicate Contact Blocker for #salesforce, be sure to click on ‘ignore errors’ then it works perfect! (And )Has anyone had problems with Duplicate Contact Blocker when the last name contains ‘ like O’donnell? #salesforce

mktquestions What are your biggest pain points using SalesForce.com? (Looking for input): Good Morning; In an effort to .. http://tinyurl.com/cfptdk

OpenAirPSA OpenAir, NetSuite and salesforce.com integration. A PSA/CRM link up. http://blogs.zdnet.com/somm…

SFCnMore New Blog Post: Logging Deleted Records in SalesForce.com http://www.sfcnmore.com/

sinlung Risks of Cloud Computing: At Calyptix we use Salesforce.com for a lot of our customer relationship management, f.. http://tinyurl.com/b5cy3z

And hey, in the comments you may want to try to answer these questions for tweeters looking for a hand:

BruceViaPost Why can’t I create a new lead in salesforce just by forwarding a mail into the dropbox? Really, how hard could it be to parse out the name?

salesforceIUS finding real problems using Vertical Response and Salesforce. It eats up all our storage. Anyone have good workarounds??

Finally, I just wanted to mention that one of my favorite Salesforce developers has joined Twitter. @michaelforce. His first tweet was a great one:

@michaelforce I’m confirmed as a panelist for the cloudforce event in NYC on the 23rd… Marc is supposed to make a big announcement… any guesses?

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