Q&A on B2B’s using Facebook

by Maria Pergolino on February 26, 2009

Question asked by a fellow B2B marketer:

[For B2Bs] Are there any companies or brands out there that you think are doing a really good job promoting themselves on Facebook, with a page, group, etc? Who are they? What do they have in common?

My quick reply:

Hubspot is a pretty active B2B company that is on Facebook. They are not only creating pages, events, ads, etc, but are also leveraging Social Ads. This means that if you become a fan of them they can promote your relationship with them to me. I believe this is proving useful to them.

In social marketing, on sites like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, I think it’s better to promote your content and thought leadership instead of just ‘selling’ and use that content to create brand awareness. These assets can also be used for lead gen if they are gated, but I think it’s still useful when not gated for content like blog postings.

More obviously if you have fans of your brand, people promoting themselves as fans to you may be successful without doing much more than creating a company page and using RSS to update the page with fresh content.

I think we’ll see B2B companies creating contests and incentives soon, similar to those done by B2Cs like Sears and Burger King, to help promote brand awareness.

I posted this here incase anyone I know had additional thoughts that they wanted to share.  Please feel free to post your comments and I will share.  Thanks.

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