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by Maria Pergolino on February 4, 2009

Below are a list of people in Marketing Automation that Tweet.  I compiled this list from people I’m following or who are following me, plus some I may have followed in the past.  I am surely missing some great ones, so please feel free to send me a message via Twitter or comment below and I’ll update the post.  I plan to keep this ongoing. 

An easy way to friend these people instead of clicking the links is to go to  This account is following all of the people listed below. 

My favorites:
Well, obviously me- @inboundmarketer 
@blueingy – Eloqua user and social media master
@jasondemandbase – I think he is me, but as a boy

MA Companies and Their People:
@ExactTarget – Marketing Automation Company
@Marketo – Marketing Automation Company
@heatherfoeh – Sr. Mgr, Customer Success for SMB at Eloqua
@malfried – Marketing Automation consultant, using Twitter for prospecting
@dlog – Cubic Compass CEO
@mikepilcher – Head of Marketbright sales
@Jackiekiley – Eloqua, Best Practices Consultant
@rhondalee – Eloqua, Director, Training/Marketing
@smarketeer – Eloqua consultant (?)
@adrianchang – Eloqua, Success Manager
@SGersh - Eloqua, VP of Marketing
@RobertCalise – Marketing Automation Consultant
@jenhorton – Eloqua consultant
@jonmiller2 – Marketo, VP Marketing
@kelly_marketo – Marketo
@jill_rowley – Eloqua
@craigklein- SalesNexus
@kevmil72 – Marketbright sales guy
@edmulcahy – Eloqua, Success Manager
@AnitaCordeiro – Eloqua, Success Manager
@Infusionsoft – Automated Follow-up Marketing
@mikemacfarlane – Eloqua
@clatemask – CEO for Infusionsoft
@saasman – Infusionsoft – VP of Marketing
@JoeManna – Infusionsoft – Community Manager
@tylergarns - Infusionsoft – Marketing Director
@adamblitzer - Pardot – VP of Marketing
@tsydoryk – ActiveConversion
@Stevewoods - Eloqua – CTO

MA Users
@inko9nito – ExactTarget User
@MegFullenkamp – Marketo user
@ohpinion8ted - Marketo user
@the_bone – Marketo user
@Kelley_Smith - from GotoMeeting, Eloqua user
@ardath421 – unknown
@mrktguy – unknown
@funnelholic – unknown, demand gen
@sharilee – unknown, demand gen
@vizeboogie – Pardot user
@dtboyd – Pardot user
@anaisamy – Marketo user
@bcarroll – lead gen
@dmlatch - Marketo
@guitarlawyer – Infusion

Here is a link to all the Hubspot people:

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