I would make this Twitter app if I had any idea how to build an application: TweetTotal

by Maria Pergolino on January 9, 2009

I’m not a developer so hopefully someone else will create this.  Or, if someone already has, it would be great if you could give me the details of where to find it.  If I could develop any application for Twitter it would be a counter.  Essentially, I would be able to Tweet @Tweettotal (or whatever the name of the app was) with a number and it would add them up for me over a day and then chart them for me. 

I’m sure there would be many possible uses for this, though my thoughts included:

·         Calorie counting (tweeting over calories per meal)

·         Glasses of water or ounces of water consumed in a day

·         Miles ran

·         Shootings (I live in Philly J)

·         Times brushed teeth

·         Cigarettes smoked (no, I don’t smoke, just an idea for someone trying to cut back)

·         Calories burned

·         Blood sugar testing results

Essentially, anyone would be able to use this to keep track of any number and would then be able to review the trend of this number simply by tweeting the number to the app account on Twitter.

Can you make this for me?  Or if it’s already made, can you pass on the details?

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